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M2JA flameproof motors technical characteristics

M2JA series (frame size 80-355) flameproof motors is our introduction Finland flameproof motors ABB's latest manufacturing technology, in full compliance with IEC60079-0: 1998, IEC60079-1: 1990 international standard based on the combination China GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.2-2000 standard features developed, M2JA series flameproof motor is mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry contains temperature class T1-T4, explosion-proof mark Exd II CT4, flammability gas mixture of steam and gas environment, dII series motor is GB3836.1-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment" is defined in the explosion reached the highest level, the most stringent performance requirements for explosion proof motors. It is generally used in the factory class with dangerous places an explosive mixture of hydrogen, acetylene, water, gas, etc. exist.It is precisely because of its stringent performance requirements of proof, it is too difficult manufacturing technology, making the production level of dII C series motor is still in the prototype stage trial, the domestic production of explosion-proof motor factory no dII C series flameproof motor. My company to develop and produce a full range of flameproof (Exd II CT4) motor first in the country, M2JA Series Explosion-proof motors in technology and electrical properties are superior to domestic YB2 series flameproof motors, ABB similar products meet European level. Flameproof motors in the development process, we have introduced a European company ABB flameproof motors and a full set of technical drawings directly into the terminal epoxy encapsulation process and encapsulation materials. M2JA series flameproof motors appearance basic ABB similar products with the European standards, the main electric motor performance indicators such as efficiency, power factor etc. Our leading products and the same M2QA, and reached Europe EFF2 energy efficiency standard. YB2 series is the latest and most advanced series flameproof motors, M2JA series YB2 series compared with the explosion of technology and electrical properties are in the lead.

1. Motor electrical performance, M2JA series to the European CEMEP-EU efficiency rating of the motor standard two values.

2. Explosion grade, M2JA series Exd II CT4 YB2 series Exd II BT4 relatively high level of proof.

3. flameproof joint and gap parameters, M2JA series flameproof joints take a spigot joint (ie flat joints plus cylinder joints), YB2 series flameproof joint plane joints. M2JA series flameproof joint gap parameter W YB2 equivalent of 1 / 2-1 / 4 only, therefore, in accordance with GB3836.1-2000 "Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres" standard designed dIIC drawings, its proof parts of dimensional tolerances, geometric tolerances and precision machine assembly, generally more YB2 series 1.5-2.5 drawings improve grades, the highest increase more than three grades.

4. Hydrostatic test value 4.M2JA series flameproof pieces YB2 1.5 times higher than that.

5. M2JA315-355 structural base of the shaft through the rotating components using song Coloane proof structure, to prevent the motor running fever axle quality problems.

6. M2JA series motor junction box connected to the main cavity of the electrical direct way into that outlet hole through the base portion of pouring two component epoxy adhesive to ensure proof performance, epoxy encapsulation process conducted by CQST 28 warm week low stability test pass. YB2 series with terminal cover structure introduced indirect way, the terminal cover is made of plastic and amino pressure thermoforming processing thread copper sets, complex manufacturing process, assembly inconvenient, legitimate work fine

7. M2JA series wiring board material selection, operating voltage 800V class, insulation class I level, comparative tracking index CTI≥600 imported materials, YB2 Series 4220 wiring board material selection pressure melamine plastic, M2JA series motor minimum clearances, creepage distances YB2 demanding than that, more secure

8. M2JA series junction box and outlet threaded mode with rubber seals connection type Ex cable entry, YB2 series fighting through the junction box, connecting wiring section steel pipe, this way of manufacturing complex installation cumbersome.

9. M2JA160 above are set non-stop motor NOTE lubrication oil discharge device, wherein the drain device is ABB's original, practical and convenient.

10. M2JA80-280 frame size of the hood appearance into octagonal shape, made of high quality steel structures forming the whole stretch, and can withstand the impact of the experimental 7J or higher value GB3836.1 requirements.

M2JA series has passed the national explosion-proof electrical products for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (CQST) recognition, and international certification bodies France electrician central laboratory (LCIE) international certification.
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