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sales hotline:

Technical strengths

Depending on ABB resources and advantages, wuxi jincheng hairun has established a professional team including 12
employees with college degree or above,5 electrical engineers and 2 menchanical enguineers.

Implement unified managenent, traning and work clothes. All servicement hold required qualification crtificates and
quality and serve clients sincerely.

Boast rich field repair and installation experience, prfessional quality and high responsibility. Our after-sales
service department has strict managerment system and the first-class service quality.

There are professional servicement, advanced testing instruments and good credibility .

Our after-sales department has won the trust of many clients by holding the client-oriented service principle.

Meanwhile we get support of ABB motor after-sales technicians and engineers,improving service quality and efficiency.

Work clothes Maintenance of the site


 | Partners | Support | Service |   ABB motors Wuxi Jincheng Hairun Electric Co., Ltd.     Service Hotline: 86-510-82407038 82454970? 蘇ICP備2021026753號 
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