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sales hotline:

Wuxi Jincheng Hairun Electric Co., Ltd. has been the distributor of ABB motors for 23 years and has been well received by customers. At the same time committed to explosion-proof frequency conversion technology, discrete automation system design and environmental protection and energy saving transformation.

The company has a high quality, skilled and dedicated team of 36 people. We are engaged in ABB motor, electric drive, ABB mechanical drive trade, technical consultation, after-sales service.

In 2000, ABB officially authorized our company to provide ABB low-voltage motor products within the specified range in China.

In 2009, our company was granted after-sale service network by ABB.

In 2012, our company was authorized by ABB to use the value supplier identifier.

As the "authorized distributor" and "after-sales service center" of ABB Electric Machinery in China, we will, as always, adhere to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, customer-oriented, honest management, the pursuit of win-win situation and the creation of happiness". With high quality products and fast service to win more new and old customers trust and support.


 | Partners | Support | Service |   ABB motors Wuxi Jincheng Hairun Electric Co., Ltd.     Service Hotline: 86-510-82407038 82454970? 蘇ICP備2021026753號 
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